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Odawara Furin
Hand Cast Wind Chime
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2" x 2" x 12"
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Prized Resonant Tone
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Hung under outside eaves or within a house near a window opening. During summer months, the bell acts both as a tranquil sound and to foretelling the potential sensation of coolness whether the breeze arrives on the skin or not. Envisioning a scene for his film ‘Red Beard’, Akira Kurosawa scoured Japan looking for a peerless sounding furin. It wasn’t until he discovered the Odawara Furin that he found the perfect sound!


Kumihimo Tie - Hand braided from 100% silk. | Furin - Hand cast with a copper alloy containing 20% tin content creates a prized resonant and long lasting tone since ancient times (D Sharp). | Tanzaku - Flexible graphite foil, made from exfoliated graphite flake. A material usually used for heat shields and gaskets, lends a very unique materiality to the object by contrasting the polished furin with a more delicate, marred graphite that complements and contrasts. The weight of the graphite in combination with its surface area creates a gentle flutter which will resound the bell with just the right amount of breeze.


During especially windy times, it is best to bring your furin inside so as not to disturb your tranquillity or your neighbours. Try to keep your wind chime dry, and use a soft cloth to polish the bell periodically. Be careful not to drop the furin as the hardened alloy composition could crack. Comes with an extra graphite clapper in case yours gets destroyed as they are fragile. Enjoy the mind tranquillity brought by this superior Japanese furin.


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