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‘Zen’ is not an adjective for “peaceful and calm”–this Western semantic drift from it’s origins is a degradation that has created an illusion of what ‘Zen’ is and an attenuation of 1400 years of development.

‘Zen’ is the Japanese transliteration of the Chinese ‘Chán’, which is in turn a transliteration of the Sanskrit ‘Dyhana’, all roughly meaning ‘meditation’. Originating in China during the Tang dynasty (618-907AD), Chán was a merging of Indian philosophy brought from India by Bodhidharama with Chinese Daoism and Confucianism. Buddhist monks from Japan soon arrived in China to study with the early Chán Masters before returning to Japan with Zen and tea, both of which would flourish and evolve into many defining aspects of Japanese culture.
Zen is anti-philosophical and entirely non-idolotry.  It is traceless, arising from absolute emptiness. The Sixth Patriarch Huineng states that, “From the first not a thing is.” Zen is prior to the separation of self and object–the observer and the observed. It is non-discriminatory wisdom, pointing beyond language and concepts to the concrete. Words cannot properly describe Zen as they are limited and function only within logic. Images cannot dipict Zen because they are all just symbols of symbols ad infinitum. Zen is directly experienced as the ultimate nature of reality.
IDLE™ is a transmission of potential, operating through sensorial exploration within the anti-philosophical transcendence of Zen. Historically, Zen has defined countless aesthetic practices from architecture to archery–elucidating ways of living, seeing, and being in the world. This potential is still ever-present—something the West has yet to express and transform.

Crafted with care, most often with human hands, and in small quantities, the products that we make will continually change as we explore new ways to create, package, communicate, and distribute ideas. With utmost humility, we appreciate your support and hope that IDLE™ might act as a Zen symbol that points beyond comprehension toward the original emptiness of being.